Welcome to St Giles Walsall Hospice

St Giles Walsall Hospice is a 12-bed in-patient facility based at the Palliative Care Centre in Goscote.

The hospice offers specialist care for patients with cancer and other serious illnesses who are too poorly to remain at home, as well as respite stays and symptom relief.

St Giles has been caring for the people of Walsall for over 20 years.

St Giles Walsall Hospice is a natural extension of this, and enhances services for local patients and their families while ensuring care remains free of charge to those who need it, thanks to the community support the charity receives.

The total annual running costs of St Giles Walsall Hospice are £1.6 million and with only half of this amount funded by the NHS, St Giles Walsall Hospice relies heavily on donations and income generation from the local community to raise £800,000 a year.

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