Living with Multiple Sclerosis

Collected Stories: Living with Multiple Sclerosis

We’re delighted to have launched a new book which offers honest insights into living with multiple sclerosis (MS) – written by people directly affected by the condition.

Collected Stories: Living with Multiple Sclerosis is the outcome of a research project between St Giles Hospice, Keele University and members of our weekly MS support group.

Dr Emma Hodges, CEO of St Giles Hospice, said: “We are extremely grateful to all of the members of our MS group who have shared their stories with us and wrote with such thoughtfulness, dignity and compassion.

“We hope that their candour and wisdom will help us to better understand their individual and varied experiences of MS and to shape our services more effectively to support their needs.

“We also hope that their insights will be useful to health professionals in the wider community as they learn from the real MS experts – the people who are living with the condition every day of their lives.”

A copy of the book can be downloaded below, in return for a donation. You’ll receive a link to view the book in your confirmation email.

All proceeds will help fund vital care for local people and their families living with a terminal illness. Thank you.