Walsall people who are grieving after the loss of a loved one can now get support through a Bereavement Help Point

St Giles Hospice are working in partnership with Manor Farm Community Association and the Making Connections service in Walsall to offer advice, information on emotional and practical support to people who have been bereaved. St Giles Walsall Community Engagement officer Alpa Thakar said the help point was an easily accessible way to get advice, support and information.

“Losing a friend or family member can be incredibly difficult and our Help Points are easily accessible, free groups that anyone can attend,” she said.

“There’s no need to register and it doesn’t matter what type of bereavement or when, just come along to the Help Point to find out more from our bereavement support volunteers.

“Our help points are open to everyone in Walsall and surrounding areas and everyone is welcome.”

St Giles operates eleven Help Points across its catchment area including the new Walsall location. Full details of all locations are here www.stgileshospice.com/bereavement-help-points

The Bereavement Help Point is open to any adult who has experienced loss, not just people who have been cared for by St Giles, and provides information and support for people who need it for as long as they need it.

“Our Bereavement Help Points provide free support for people who have lost someone and we are proud to say that people can get support within 48 hours if they need it,” said St Giles Community Engagement Manager Ian Leech.

“We see it as a safety net for the community. Sometimes it just takes the opportunity to speak to someone who can empathise and understand.

“We are incredibly proud that we are working in partnership to grow the help point network and we are now supporting almost 400 people a month.

“Plans are in place to grow our help points to twelve by the end of the year and we hope to see this grow even further in the future.”

Lorraine King, Older Persons Services Officer for Making Connections Walsall said: “Through our support for older people in the community, via Making Connections Walsall and the Silver Scheme at Manor Farm, it was apparent that many had lost loved ones.

“The impact was significant for many and it was very obvious that the grief was having a detrimental effect on their mental and physical health, increasing their isolation and loneliness.

“Through starting the Bereavement Help Point in February this year, in collaboration with St. Giles, the community now have a safe, supportive space, open to all, where they can receive understanding and empathy for their loss, and feel they are not alone.” 

The Walsall Bereavement Help Point is held on Tuesdays from 10.30am – 12.30pm at Rushall Community Centre, 10 Springfields, Walsall, WS4 1JT.