St Giles Hospice has had an ongoing relationship with the Cancer Support Centre for eleven years at the site on Lindridge Road in Sutton Coldfield and we are saddened by their decision to leave. 

The Cancer Support Centre has been leasing space from St Giles Hospice for a number of years and this existing arrangement was due for renewal in early 2023. In June we opened discussions with Cancer Support Centre to ensure all parties were aware of the lease end and, in July 2022, we served notice on the existing lease terms with the intention of reaching a workable solution for all.

We have been in ongoing conversations with the Cancer Support Centre to reach a mutual decision about the use of the site and hoped for a positive outcome. For what they are prepared to pay we are willing, and have offered, enough space for them to continue their front line service.

Earlier this week, Hospice UK released information about the devastating impact of the cost of living rises for hospices across the UK, we are seeing this impact first hand and know other local charities are in the same situation.  

There is no energy cap for charities such as hospices and St Giles has full responsibility for the costs of the running, management and upkeep of the building on Lindridge Road. Therefore, in the face of unprecedented price rises, it is crucial that we are using our buildings to their maximum efficiency to better serve our communities. 

In addition, due to the impact of Covid-19 we are seeing an increased demand for our services – we are seeing more patients with increasingly complex needs – this means we need to adapt our services to meet these additional demands. 

Both charitable organisations are committed to reaching as many people as they can through their services and St Giles’ focus is to provide frontline clinical services to the Sutton Coldfield community.

We hope the Cancer Support Centre find a workable solution to meet the needs of their clients. 

Our patients and communities are at the heart of every decision we make and we remain committed to supporting those who need us.