Forest Of Serenity

To experience our new Virtual Reality App
Forest of Serenity
just do the following:

1. Click the download button below.

2. Unzip the file to a new location.

3. Open the ‘Forest of Serenity’ folder.

4. Run ForestOfSerenity.exe by double clicking on the file.

The Forest of Serenity Virtual Reality app provides a ten minute guided relaxation experience which transports you to a beautiful forest and lake setting where you can leave your pain and troubles behind. Read more >

Listen to the soothing tones of Sir David Attenborough as he guides you through a forest populated by birds of paradise and exotic flora.

The app was developed at St Giles Hospice as part of our Pain Management Programme which strives to help those suffering pain to reduce their reliance on drugs.

Sir David Attenborough kindly donated his voice. If you’d like to make a donation to St Giles you can do so here.

A version of the app for use with mobile phones is coming soon.