Learn with us

Education and training have always been a key part of St Giles, with our deep commitment to providing excellent support while continuing to learn and build our expertise.

We train our own teams as well as other professionals who want to learn from us.

We also work with schools, colleges and universities to encourage and inspire a future generation to consider the needs of people with potentially terminal illnesses

Our education department has been established for over 25 years and is recognised locally and nationally for its expertise.

We provide evidence-based training on a wide range of topics, developing skills and confidence in supporting patients, families and carers who are living with a terminal illness.

Our training includes:
> Study days
> Vocational training courses
> Placements
> Higher education qualifications

Our Summer Schools and Enrichment Days encourage young students to learn more about hospice care, to build their confidence and consider palliative care as a future career option.

“A hospice isn’t a bad or sad place. It’s a place full of life and new hope where families and patients are supported through their journey.”