Gillian and David’s story

I’d urge everyone to support St Giles. The work they carry out is fantastic – it’s such a brilliant place.”

Gillian and David’s mum, Beryl, spent her final weeks at St Giles Hospice after being diagnosed with cancer.

Gillian said: “Our mum was a fantastic woman – full of fun and all about looking after her family. Our dad died when I was just three years old, so mum brought me and my two brothers up on her own.

“Mum was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and died two months later – it all happened very quickly. Although our mum only spent a couple of weeks at St Giles, the care she received was phenomenal.

“I was able to stay with mum at the hospice – the staff were so supportive; nothing was ever too much trouble and they just wanted mum to be as comfortable as she could be.”

David added: “Only a third of the hospice running costs are provided by the Government, so the hospice relies upon generous donations and fundraising to help deliver care for people like our mum. I want to help ensure St Giles continues to support families like ours for another 20 years and beyond, so I try to support wherever I can.

“Please support St Giles today, and help families like ours.  Thank you.” 

Gillian and David, daughter and son of the late Beryl MacNulty

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