Celebrate Lives Lived Virtual Garden

Celebrate Lives Lived garden at St Giles in Whittington

Our virtual garden is a permanent tribute to celebrate the lives of a loved one. To dedicate an orange Gerbera in memory of someone special, please click below.

To find out more about Celebrate Lives Lived, please click here.

In loving memory

As we have fewer Celebrate Lives Lived gardens open this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have created our virtual garden, open to visit whenever you wish as a permanent tribute to your loved one. The orange Gerbera represents sunshine of life – the perfect tribute to someone special.

Joan Allen

Janet Ann Argent

Irene Armstrong

Tom Atherton

Harold Aucote

Rev. Richard Bailey

Alf Baker

Dorothy Baker

Elsie Bant

James Bant

Lorraine Bant

Robert Bant

Boris Barnsley

Alan F C Bate

David John Bates

Alan David Beech

Colin Mark Bellamy

Raymond Alfred Bellamy

Eric Thomas Bettson

Paul Bertram Bettson

Benjamin David Billing

Lyla Billington

Margaret Bishop

Dave Black

Maurice Bould

Joan Brake

Alf Bridgen

Olive Bridgen

Gordon Brindley

Audrey Brook

Joan Brown

Steve Brownlees

Maise Pearl Buttle

Iris Byrne

Simon Carrington

Geoff Carthy

Chas Chandler

Graham Clark

Joan & Eddie Clarke

Shirley & Brian Coates

W Cole

Paula Jane Collins

Julia Cooper

Anthea Christine Cope

Edith Corcoran

Tom Corcoran

Letitia Corrigan

Hilda Mary Creed

Raymond Creed

Margaret Creffield

Wendy Creffield

Bette Cross

John Curl

Ann E Dailly

Alf Dale

Stuart Dalgleish

Mavis Davey

David Roy Davies

Joseph Marcel De Mulder

Alex Dempsey

Beverley Ann Deverall

Jeni Dixon

Alan James Dorset

Leonard John Dorset

Carol Douse

Heather Doyle

Anne Eaton

Ivy & William Edgar

George Edgington

David Edmund

Jane Edmund

William Elcock

Lee Alan Elks

George Elliott

Kathleen Elliott

Mabel Ellis

Ron Ellis

Anne Ewing

Desmond Ewing

Norman Fairley

Eirwen Farmer

Glyn Featherstone

Freda Fernyhough

Rupert Fernyhough

Edwin Flowers

Dick Gilbert

Cathy Giligan

James Arther Gilliver

Ethel Glover

Graham Glover

William Glover

Cyril Godfrey

Pat Godfrey

Stuart Goodall

Ken & Doreen Gray

Michael E E Green

Avril Gregory

Winifred Gregory

Simon Grocutt

Hans Groen

Steve Guttery

Rosemary Hall

Betty & Frank Hallsworth

Lilian Hands

Eric Harcombe

Ernie Harding

Lily Harding

Peter Harding

Albert Harker

Margaret Ann Harris

Sydney Gerald Harris

Andrew David Harvey

Cyril Dennis Harvey

Pamela Hastelow

Alan Hawkins

John Healy

Kathleen Healy

Linda Healy

Barbara Henderson

Howard Hepworth

Angela Hespin

Kevin John Hession

Sheila Hinckling

Jean Hodson-Walker

Dilys Holland

Kathleen Howe

Lynda Anne Hubbard

Tom Hughes

Alan George Humphries

Dennis Humphries

Paul Humphries

Kathleen Ingram

Michael Ivens

Beryl Jeffrey

Ernest & Edmee Jenner

Barbara Jones

Jean M Jordan

Paul Jordan

David Just

Charles Keenan

Steve Kelly

Royston Arthur Kent

Vivian Khan

Terry Kilgallon

Roger Kilvert

Sandra Kinson

Stephanie Knight

Sylvia Kyte

Barry Richard Lawton

Mr Leadbeater

Gladys Lear

Elsie Levell

Siobhan Levell

David Lewis

George Lewis

Cliff Linney

George Lloyd

Connie & Max Lucas

Peter Lycett

Rod MacDonald

Lynda Marsland

Shirley Marsland

John Charles Mason

Sarah Helen Mason

Sue Maxwell

Jack McCool

Greta McCutcheon

Catherine McMeekin

James McMeekin

Jim McMeekin

Bridie McMorrow

Dan McMorrow

Dennis Moisey

Jean Morris

Terry Morris

Joan Mountford

Anthony Munn

Terry Musk

Yvonne Maureen Nicholls

Lesley Ann Norgrove

Robert John Norris

Terry Norris

Joy Northall

Rob O’Dell

Brian M Owen

Bill Owens

Geoff Parsons

Nicholas Jon Partlow

Ken Paul

Margaret Ann Pearson

Paulette Perry

Wes Pickering

Elizabeth Ann Pierce

William James Pierce

Pauline Ann Pinner

Richard John Poulton

Anna Price

Herbert Price

Dorothy Mary Randall

John Edward Randall

Peter Read

Robert Matthew Read

Charles Reynolds

Clara Reynolds

Jim Rhodes

Arthur Joseph Richardson

Derek Richardson

Mandy Ann Richardson

Christine Robinson

David Bryan Robinson

Geoff Robinson

John Robinson

Peter Robinson

Stan Robinson

Leslie Roe

Winifred Roe

May Rogers

Tony Rogers

S Rooke

Brian Rosenberg

Nora Rosenberg

Samuel Rosenberg

Joy Rowley

Rachel Marie Salt

Ronald Salt

Marjorie Scott

Carol Shepherd

H Simmons

William Richard Simmons

John Simpson

Stella Slater

Margaret Smallwood

Nigel Smallwood

Charlie Smith

Eddy Smith

Irene Ann Smith

Nancy Smith

Roland Smith

Vic Smith

Vic & Sybil Smith

Winifred & Reginald Smith

Hilda Spalding

Pauline Spencer

Patricia (Pat) Spooner

Ann Louise Starkey

Margaret Starkey

Graham John Stokes

Gordon Richard Suett

Ann Summers

Kay Sumner

Richard Sumner

Brian Sutton

Derek Tandy

Kathleen Taylor

Victor Taylor

Graham Thomson

Neil Timms

Brian Tomkinson

Winnie Tonks

Cyril Arthur Tozer

Michael Tozer

Ernie Tuck

Roy Tuckley

Pete Turfrey

Frances Turland

June Turland

Irene Tyler

Dorothy Underhill

Rex Underhill

Brian Wall

Susan Wallis

Robin Walton

Shaun Watts

Jabez Westwood

Louise Westwood

Patricia Ann Westwood

Raymond Wheatley

Alan Wildgust

Haydn Williams

Michael Williams

Elizabeth Wilson

Ken ‘Dad’ Wilson

Marion Wood

Walter ‘Wal’ Wood

Joan Lilian Yarnall

“I was very anxious when mum first went into the hospice. My dog Lola was only a puppy at the time, but St Giles just said ‘Why don’t you bring her in with you?’ It was like bringing our home into the hospice.

“When mum got quite poorly, St Giles even helped with her wish of going home for one last night’s sleep in her own bed. I made her a steak dinner and her daughter-in-law gave her a foot massage. We all had a lovely evening together.

“There are no words to describe how we feel about the care mum received at St Giles. I genuinely feel that people need to support the hospice as much as they can, because fundraising is so critical to the service that they can provide to our community.

“Memorial events like Celebrate Lives Lived truly are something special. They give us the chance to remember our loved ones, while helping to raise vital funds too. My family and I will always find the time to give thanks to St Giles through fundraising.”

To read Anthony’s full story, click here.

Anthony Shepherd with his mum, Carol