Funeral Collections

Asking for donations to be made at a funeral or memorial service, instead of receiving flowers, is a meaningful way to honour a loved one’s memory whilst also helping to fund care for local people. 

Donating at a funeral or memorial service

We can provide you with a wooden collection box for use at your loved one’s funeral. These can be requested by emailing or calling 01543 432538 (a £10 deposit is requested for the boxes).

Ask friends and family to tick the Gift Aid box on the donation envelope to increase the donation value by 25%.

Alternatively, your funeral director will usually be happy to arrange the collection for you. You can provide them with our contact details and we’ll be happy to assist them if they need any help from us.

If you’d like any further information please email or call 01543 432538

Arranging a funeral collection online

Collecting donations through an online page is simple and enables anyone who can’t be with you on the day to donate or share a message. 

Starting an online collection of someone special means you can share thoughts, light candles online as well as make donations. For many, it is the start of a Cherished Forever page that you can keep visiting for years to come.

Set up your online collection page >