Hike from Home

Entry fee: Free

Duration: Throughout summer

Location: Wherever you like!

Distance: Choose from one of three peaks, including Ben Nevis, Mont Blanc and Everest.

How: In metres, steps or flights.

Thank you for trekking to the top!

A huge thank you to everyone who hiked from home for our hospice!

Whether you hiked in the hills, used a cross trainer or tackled some stairs, your support has made a real difference to local people living with a terminal illness.

We’ve recognised for a very long time that it takes a community to make a hospice and, in light of the continuing Coronavirus crisis, we’ve never needed you more than we need you today.

Your support matters. Thank you.

It takes a community to make a hospice

Sue Jones has supported St Giles Hospice since her mum Sheila Wharton received end of life care in 2019.

She said: “St Giles is such a wonderful place that I want to do everything I can to support them. The care and kindness they showed to mum was amazing and I’ll never forget it.”

After walking a mammoth 300 Miles 4 St Giles in March, Sue is encouraging others to Hike from Home for the hospice.

She added: “I would urge anyone to help raise funds for St Giles if they can. The hospice needs our help more than ever at the moment with shops having had to close and events being cancelled, so every amount you raise – however small – will make a real difference to such an important local charity.”