Date: Saturday 26th October 2024

Time: 3pm – 6pm

Location: St Giles Hospice, Whittington, WS14 9LH

Entry: Second release £30, available until 1st August

Sponsorship: Raise a minimum amount of £100

Feeling brave? Take on our NEW Firewalk Challenge!

Step out of your comfort zone this autumn with our Firewalk Challenge on Saturday 26th October.

Take the first step by signing up today, don’t miss out as there are limited spaces available!

You’ll receive a fundraising pack, with lots of tips to help ignite your sponsorship to reach your £100 target. Funds raised will help provide vital care for local people, and their loved ones, living with a terminal illness.

Briefing, 3pm

Learn the techniques of firewalking and how to focus your mind, from the experts at the Fundraising Firewalk Association.

Firewalk, 4pm

Brave the fire as you walk barefoot across a bed of hot coals, described by some as walking on hot sand.

BBQ and drinks, 5pm

Celebrate post-walk with your loved ones and refuel with BBQ food and drinks.

Firewalk Challenge

Please note that the minimum age to walk is 14. All minors aged 14 to 17 years will need to gain consent from a parent or guardian before they can take part.

Frequently Asked Questions

Firewalking is walking on hot coals. When the fire has burned to red-hot embers it is raked level and prepared for the walk. Participants go to the fire – remove their footwear and one by one are invited to walk the coals.

The event is hosted by the Fundraising Firewalk Association.

The Firewalk will be taking place outside at St Giles Hospice in Whittington. Registration and the pre-walk brief will be held inside the Fundraising Hub at St Giles.

Yes, there will be free parking available at the hospice.

Registration will be from 3pm – 3.15pm

There is no preparation to undertake. No treatment of the feet or mental exercise, just the training provided at the briefing. You should abstain from the consumption of alcohol or drugs prior to the event. Any person who is in the opinion of the trainer unfit to participate will NOT be permitted to take part. Feet should be clean and free from any massage or pedicure oils.

There is an inherent risk in any activity involving fire. It is important that participants pay attention to all the training and heed the advice and instruction of the trainer, firewatchers and spotters.

The fire is very real. The embers will be glowing red-hot – we can often measure the temperature at around 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit.

The sensation is described by some as walking on eggshells, others as walking on hot sand.

There is no special clothing required. Casual comfortable clothes are best. Please remember fires can be quite dirty and clothes may become ash stained. Footwear needs to be easy to remove, and will need to be replaced before going back indoors so a hand towel might be a good idea. Flip flops are a good idea, especially if the ground is cold. Nail varnish and toe rings are fine.

Absolutely! We encourage your friends and family to come along and enjoy the entertainment and food.

Complementary tea, coffee and water will be provided during registration and the pre-walk briefing. There will be a bar available serving beer, mulled drinks and Baileys hot chocolate for you to enjoy after your walk and a chance for you to refuel with some BBQ food.