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Chas’ story

“We are so thankful that St Giles was there for us, we would never have made it through Dad’s illness without them.

When our Dad, Chas, was first diagnosed with brain cancer, our family was supported by St Giles Hospice’s Community Nurses, who organised a care package so our Mum, Sue, could look after him at home.

Our nurses, Amy and Katie, were amazing and we couldn’t have managed without them.

After six months of being cared for at home, Dad was transferred to the Inpatient Unit at the hospice for the last few days of his life.

Amy and Katie made sure that the timing was right for him to go into the hospice, and when they told him that it was time to go he gave us all the thumbs-up, which was his only way of communicating with us by then.

“As soon as we arrived at the hospice we knew he was in the best place, with someone there to help him and us at all times. It was so calm and peaceful and the sense of security, safety and love was just such a massive relief.”

He was a musician and the nurses would talk to him about his music and listen together to CDs of him playing. They let him share his gift with them which was lovely for him.

Dad spent five nights at the hospice in Whittington before passing away. We’ve really appreciated the aftercare services St Giles offer as well. It’s been amazing. Our mum has had counselling and we were offered it too – we can call any time and knowing that the team is there for us if we need them has been a great help

“We never dreamed that our family would need St Giles but we would never have made it through Dad’s illness without them.”

It’s our community’s hospice and at any moment you could find out that a family member or a friend may need their support.

Thank you for playing the Summer Raffle to ensure St Giles can continue to be there for other families like ours.

Daughters of the late Chas Chandler

How your support has helped other families in our care

Even at Christmas St Giles were there for us day and night.”

Gill Henley, wife of the late Charlie Henley

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St Giles gave my mum as much love as I could have.”

Logan Khan, son of the late Vivian Khan

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We can’t thank the team at St Giles enough for giving us one last Christmas together.

Jon Turner, husband of the late Rachel Turner

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We’ve never needed you more than we need you today. Thank you for your support.