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Your support is more crucial than ever before

You will no doubt have seen over the last few months that St Giles is facing some of the toughest times in its history.

Our incredible community has come together, but our income has still been significantly affected. With two national lockdowns through the Coronavirus pandemic, our shops have had to close, our events have been cancelled and our income has dried up.

We’re still delivering care to some of the most vulnerable people in our community, but it costs £850,000 every single month just to keep our services going.

Please consider donating today to ensure we can continue to be here tomorrow. Thank you so much.

Katie Burbridge
Clinical Director, St Giles Hospice

Adam and Sue’s story

To everyone who has supported St Giles Hospice this year, I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

My wife, Sue, died at St Giles in March just days after England went into national lockdown as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.

It’s only thanks to your kindness that St Giles Hospice was able to give Sue and me the support we needed at the end of her life.

Sue was admitted to St Giles Hospice on Friday 20th March. She had always found the word ‘hospice’ a scary one – she said it felt like a death sentence – but something really special happened when we arrived at St Giles. A nurse said to Sue ‘this hospice isn’t about death it’s about life’ and she was right.

On the morning of Wednesday 25th March, I was told by the nurses that they thought Sue may have Coronavirus and they were waiting for test results. At that time, in the height of lockdown, and because I too had possibly been exposed to Coronavirus, I had no choice but to self-isolate for seven days on Government guidance.

It was heart-breaking, but the nurses at St Giles did everything they could to make sure we felt reassured. Katie, the Clinical Director, took Sue’s hand and told her that she would keep her safe. It was a beautiful moment at such a terrible time.

Before I left I sat next to Sue, holding her hand. She was wearing a watch that I had bought her just weeks before and I watched the minutes on it ticking down to 12pm, knowing from that moment on I’d probably never see her again.

My worst fear was that Sue would die in pain with only me looking after her, so it was such a relief to know she would be really well cared for at St Giles. On the morning of Sunday 29th March one of the nurses, whilst caring for Sue, noticed Sue’s breathing had changed and held her hand while she died.

As a Priest and Chaplain I preach about love and self-sacrifice, but at St Giles I was watching this in action every day.

I know it’s an incredibly difficult time for everyone at the moment but if you can, please consider making a donation to help the hospice at this unprecedented time.

St Giles needs your help today to ensure they can continue to be here for more people like Sue and me.

There is no way we would have coped without their support. Thank you so much.

Your donations make an enormous difference

£5 could pay for meals for a patient at the end of their life

£10 could pay for 1 hour of housekeeping to keep the hospice clean and prevent infection

£28 could pay for 1 hour of one-to-one nursing care for a patient

£40 could pay for 1 hour of our Advice and Referrals team where dedicated clinical staff are at the end of the phone to help 24 hours a day

£202 could pay for visits to a patient in their own home by our community nurses

£676 could pay for 24 hours of hospice care for a patient at the end of their life