Learn, Raise, Shine

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Using three structured lesson plans, we’ll provide the knowledge and tools to teach your students about the value of fundraising and what it means to hospices, in an engaging and age appropriate way. You’ll have fun following our interactive lesson packs and coming up with your own fundraising activity to support the hospice you have learnt all about.

Calling all teachers!

Are you looking for a positive way to engage your pupils in community understanding? Why not sign up to our new schools initiative Learn, Raise, Shine – a great way to introduce children to the idea of ‘giving back’.

At St Giles we love fundraising and we want you to as well. Learn, Raise, Shine aims to inspire a younger generation, to get excited about fundraising and understand the role of St Giles and how it supports local people and their families, living with a terminal illness.

Bake, create, dance, run, dress-up, dress down – we can’t wait to see the ideas you come up with!

Your schools pack will include three fully planned and resourced lesson plans and activities, that encourage learning and understanding before you create your own fundraising activity.

We’re offering activities that are suitable for KS1/2 and KS3/4 – and, we’ll also be here for you, to support and guide you along the way.


  • Activity 1 – learn about what a hospice is and the care it provides
  • Activity 2 – design a hospice room for a patient
  • Activity 3 – think about different ways to remember someone that has died, to help deal with sadness and loss
  • Activity 4: Create your own fundraising activity to support St Giles Hospice.


Includes a fun and interactive challenge for students to design and deliver their own fundraising event. All activities are fully planned and structured to give students the tools and knowledge to make their fundraiser a success!

Our KS3/4 schools project offer introduces students to different career opportunities available at St Giles Hospice and will hear about education and training tips from that might help them along the way.

Learn, Raise, Shine resources are available now, register your school and one of our fundraising team will be in contact.

Pupils, parents and staff at Walsall Wood Primary School, in Brownhills, have raised £1,626.37 for St Giles Hospice with a week of fun-filled fundraising activities.

Gemma Wainwright, learning mentor at the school, said: “We are incredibly proud of the kids. We set a total of £300 as our target, with no idea that we could raise as much as £1,626.

“The pupils sold merchandise and collected the money and they did a presentation about St Giles and the importance of fundraising. It was a really useful learning experience and helped them to develop their skills.”

Gemma said the pupils had really enjoyed the week of activities and that they absolutely loved it when the teachers took part. “It showed we were all in it together,” she said. “Parents got involved as well and everyone worked so hard to make the fundraising a success because St Giles Hospice is a really personal cause for our pupils and their families.”

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If you want to know more about this project, or other ways your school could get involved, please get in touch with our fundraising team on fundraising@stgileshospice.com or call 01543 432538.

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