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Weekly Lottery

Our lottery draw is continuing to be held weekly. With other areas of our fundraising effected by ongoing coronavirus restrictions, the support of those who play our weekly lottery is even more vital than before. Thank you for your continued support to ensure we can continue to care for local people and their families living with a terminal illness.

If pandemic restrictions cause a delay in a draw taking place at any point in the future, please be assured that any payments you have made will be held in credit on your account until the draw can take place.  In line with our terms and conditions, we will carry out draws in order, as soon as we are practicably able to do so and the chance of winning will not be affected.

If you normally pay your lottery through the bank: Your payments should not be affected and you will be entered into the draws as they are held – thank you.

If you normally pay by cheque or card: We will continue to write to anyone whose lottery renewal is due to ask for payment.  You may get a renewal letter asking you to pay a bit earlier to ensure we are able to process your payment in time to keep you in the draw.  If you are able to pay us early or increase your normal payment, please be assured that any advance payments will be held on your account to ensure you are entered into all the draws as and when they take place.  Please note that due to a change in law on 14th April 2020, we can no longer take lottery payments by credit card, we are now only allowed to take online and telephone payments for lottery and raffle by debit card or direct debit.

If you normally pay by cash: The latest government guidelines regarding the national lockdown mean that for the safety of both our players and staff our lottery cash collectors are currently not able to call door to door. When lottery credit is running low we will attempt to contact our cash players by telephone to arrange payment by debit card, cheque or direct debit. If you have any queries or would like to make and additional payment in the meantime, to ensure you stay in the draw, please call 01543 434020 (Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm).  Your call will be answered by staff working from home so please bear with us if there is a delay in answering your call.  Thank you for your patience and continued support.

One-off weekly tickets:  One-off tickets are currently only available via our website, where you can also check the current rollover prize. If draws are delayed, we will be unable to guarantee the value of the rollover jackpot prize that is advertised at the point of sale until the previous draws have taken place.  In this instance we may decide to temporarily suspend the sale of one-off tickets.  If you have a winning ticket, please contact us for advice on how to claim your prize during the current situation as different claiming procedures may be in place due to visitor restrictions at the hospice.

If you do not currently play our lottery but would like to support St Giles every week throughout this continued difficult time, you can sign up online today at or by calling the lottery office on 01543 434020.

On behalf of our staff, patients and their families, thank you all for your help and support at this very unusual and difficult time.

  • Online here
  • Visit the lottery office* or call us on 01543 434020
  • Speak to one of our Lottery Representatives (with social distancing in place)*
  • Complete the form on a lottery leaflet (regular weekly play only)
  • Via your employer’s payroll department (regular weekly play only)

From 14th April 2020 we can accept online and telephone payment by direct debit or debit card only due to a change in gambling legislation.  We are no longer legally allowed to accept credit card payment online or by telephone for our weekly lottery or raffle. Apologies for any inconvenience.

*The lottery office is currently closed to visitors.

For regular plays, once we have received and processed a lottery application, you will receive a confirmation letter with your unique lottery number and Promise Card.

For one-off plays you will receive a lottery ticket at the point of sale or by email before the draw if purchased online.

If you are 18 years of age or over and you live in Great Britain, you can play our lottery.

Each lottery entry costs £1 per week.

All of the profits from our weekly lottery are paid to St Giles Hospice (Registered Charity 509014) after we have deduced the lottery running costs and weekly prizes, some of which are kindly donated back to the hospice.

Last year (2019/20) we were able to pass an amazing £779,327 over to St Giles Hospice, providing vital support for local people and their families living with a terminal illness.  This equates to 50% of our total lottery income, after the deduction of prizes (11%) and expenses (39%). We always try to keep our costs to a minimum to ensure we raise as much as we can for the hospice and the 50% paid to St Giles is more than double the legal minimum of 20% of proceeds for a charity lottery like ours.

Since it started, our lottery players have raised over £19 million for St Giles, providing vital care for local people and their families living with a terminal illness.

By playing our lottery, you are helping us to continue to be there for local people and their families when they need us. 

Your support matters. Thank you.

Each lottery player is allocated a unique lottery number.

The only numbers that go into the draw are the lottery numbers that have been paid for each week and all have an equal chance of winning a prize, including the rollover.  The rollover has a % chance of being won each week.

Winners are selected by a Random Number Generator in our lottery software (donorflex lottery), which is fully licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission to ensure the draw is run legally and fairly.  The donorflex random number generator has been independently tested, using a variety of industry-standard statistical tests and carried out by an independent Gambling Commission approved test house.

Rollover: up to a maximum £20,000*
1st Prize: £1,000 guaranteed weekly jackpot
2nd Prize: £100
3rd Prize: £52 x 2
4th Prize: £26 x 5
5th Prize: £13 x 10

180 prizes of £5 St Giles Hospice Vouchers

*Rollover – our rollover prize starts at £1,000.  If this prize is not won it will be rolled over to the following week, up to maximum of £20,000.

Based on current player numbers, it is likely that each player should, on average, win a prize approximately every 2-3 years.

The £1,000 weekly rollover has a % chance of being won set within the lottery software we use to run the weekly draw.  As the rollover has a % chance of being won, it could be won in any week.  If the rollover amount gets up to the maximum £20,000, it will revert to be a guaranteed prize that week. The current rollover amount is updated on our website after each weekly draw.  In 2019 there were 5 rollover winners during the year and the rollover was won at varying amounts of £17,000, £13,000, £11,000 and £6,000 twice.

You can check the weekly winning numbers here

For regular players in our weekly draw – there is no need to claim if you have won a prize.  Any winnings will be sent out automatically by post, normally within 10 working days of the draw. There may be some delays in sending out prizes during the COVID pandemic. We will attempt to contact jackpot prize winners by telephone and winnings may be requested to be paid by bank transfer.

For players who have bought single tickets (one-off plays) – it is your responsibility to check to see if your number has won and return a completed ticket to claim a prize. Photocopies, scanned, damaged or defaced tickets will not be accepted and no prizes will be paid out for lost tickets. We do not take responsibility for tickets lost in the post. Details of how to claim a prize are printed on the ticket. During the COVID pandemic, please contact the Lottery Office on 01543 434020 before visiting the Lottery Office to make a prize claim as different procedures may be in place due to visitor restrictions.

Any prizes not claimed within 6 months of the draw date will be taken as a donation to St Giles.

All St Giles Hospice Lottery representatives carry identification cards which must be clearly visible to you. Their identity card shows the individual’s name, their photograph and displays the Lottery Office contact number on the front.

In addition, our authorised collectors carry sheets which show lottery members their lottery number, name, address, details of previous payments and dates that payments were made.

If you are unsure of the caller’s identity, please do not give the person any personal details or payment. Genuine lottery representatives are happy to call back once you have verified their identity by contacting the Lottery Office (Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm) on 01543 434020.

If you believe you have been visited by a bogus caller, please contact your local Police immediately and please also advise us on 01543 434020.

Please gamble responsibly. If you are worried about your gambling and would like to talk to someone for practical help and support, contact GAMCARE on 0808 802 0133 or visit

If you would like to take out a gambling self-exclusion from our games, please contact the Lottery Office on 01543 434020 and state that you wish to be self-excluded.

St Giles Hospice (Promotions) Limited T/A St Giles Hospice Lottery is a wholly owned subsidiary of St Giles Hospice and all profits go to St Giles Hospice (Registered Charity No. 509014).

The lottery is licensed by the Gambling Commission  (  Responsible Person(s): Alison Jerram, Lesley Holmes and Elinor Eustace.

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