St Giles Hospice and the Cancer Support Centre are pleased to announce that both organisations will continue to support local people together at the St Giles Hospice site on Lindridge Road in Sutton Coldfield.

Andrew Harkness, Chief Executive at St Giles Hospice, said: “St Giles Hospice has had an ongoing relationship with the Cancer Support Centre for 11 years, and we are pleased to share that both organisations have signed a new lease agreement for up to another 12 months”.

“The new lease allows both charities to continue to provide important services which are beneficial for our communities in Sutton Coldfield, whilst balancing the significant cost of living challenges faced by both organisations.

The new lease forms a key part of both organisations plans to support as many people and communities as they can through their services.

Trevor Saadi, Chair of Trustees at the Cancer Support Centre, said: “Charities like ours and St Giles Hospice play a crucial role in supporting patients, and their families, living with illnesses such as cancer. We are delighted to have agreed a new lease at the Lindridge Road site and look forward to continuing to serve our local communities.”

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