We’d like to get an idea of who you are – could you tell us a little about yourself?

I’m 61 years of age – widowed for 5 years. I have 2 adult children & 1 Granddaughter – the apple of my eye. I enjoy eating out, theatre & cinema visits, reading, pottering in the garden and holidays.

Could you describe why you chose to volunteer for St Giles and why working with a hospice might be important to you?

I initially began volunteering at St Giles 6 months after my husband passed away here following a 3 year struggle with pancreatic cancer – a way of giving back I thought but in actual fact I am still getting more out of my volunteer sessions than I could ever give back. The sessions have provided me with routine & structure, purpose, job satisfaction & above all friendships.

Can you talk us through some of your responsibilities? We’d love to hear about your day to day experiences of the role.

I prepare paperwork for courses being run within the Hospice, I book staff onto courses, maintain staff training records & anything else required.

Happy to do anything!

Could you describe what you’ve learnt both in terms of your role and about yourself?

Since volunteering in education I’ve revisited a lot of skills I thought I’d forgotten. Dusted off rusty computer skills. Initially I didn’t think I could fulfil the role, questioning my ability but, Elaine turned things on their head & said ‘tell me what you’ve done before & I’ll decide’. So grateful for her faith in my ability. So I guess the role has restored my self-confidence

Could you describe why volunteering in this role is important to you and what positive impact you feel it has, either for you personally or for St Giles – or both!

This role has rebuilt my self-confidence. It’s provided me with structure, routine, company and purpose. I like to think that I help the department by performing the mundane tasks that free the other team members to focus on more important work. Having said that I thoroughly enjoy the work & look forward to Thursdays.

What has been the most memorable moment of your volunteering at St Giles so far?

Meeting Tony Hadley!