St Giles Hospice is offering families the opportunity to remember their loved ones and celebrate the lives they lived with an orange Gerbera at their special memorial gardens in Whittington, Sutton Coldfield, Walsall and Uttoxeter this spring.

For a donation relatives and friends are being invited to dedicate a unique colourful Gerbera peg, which is personalised with the name of their loved one.

The peg will then be placed in one of the special Celebrate Lives Lived gardens based at the hospice in Fisherwick Road, Whittington, the Supportive Care Centre in Lindridge Road, Sutton Coldfield, the hospice in Goscote Lane, Walsall or the Uttoxeter Cares Supportive Care Centre, in Hermitage Gardens, Uttoxeter, throughout May.

St Giles Hospice Director of Fundraising Elinor Eustace said: “The orange Gerbera is a symbol of joy, happiness and warmth – the perfect tribute to a loved one.

“Each Gerbera is a colourful peg personalised with the name of your loved one. Your Gerbera is placed in a Celebrate Lives Lived garden of your choice, throughout May, creating a wonderful display of celebration and remembrance amongst hundreds of other Gerberas.”

Joan Fairley, from Hints, is a volunteer on the reception desk at St Giles Hospice in Whittington, and has been fundraising for the hospice since 1994. Her husband Norman lived with Parkinson’s Disease for eight years and in 2007 he came to St Giles for end-of-life care.

Joan said: “As a family, we always have a Celebrate Lives Lived peg in memory of Norman. It’s a yearly act of remembrance and a lovely way to pay tribute to him while also helping a cause that was so dear to him and to us.

“We could not believe the welcome we got when Norman arrived – it was as if we were the only people in the world. We were given the family room and I didn’t leave Norman’s side for the next three weeks. We could see the beautiful gardens from the room and Norman thought it was like paradise. He loved it there.

“He kept saying: ‘You will help them for me, won’t you Joan?’ and I’ve been volunteering and fundraising for St Giles ever since.

“It’s incredibly poignant for us to be able to place his Celebrate Lives Lived peg in the gardens he loved so much. I can then take my flower home and plant it with all the others in my garden as a sign that our memories of our loved ones are always with us.

“The whole family is so thankful for the kindness we were shown in those three weeks – you can never pay it back.”

To dedicate your gerbera, visit or call 01543 432538. The closing date for Celebrate Lives Lived dedications is midday on Friday 19th April.