Women who are looking for advice and support on a positive approach to the menopause are being invited to a talk in Sutton Coldfield.

Katherine Hill, Clinical Nurse Specialist at the St Giles Hospice Women’s Cancer Support Service, will be leading the talk, entitled “Embracing Menopause”, at the hospice’s Supportive Care Centre in Lindridge Road on Thursday, November 7th, starting at 7pm.

Katherine said: “Many people are unaware of the common symptoms, effects and the impact the condition can have on daily life.

“Menopause can be a taboo subject for many people, families and organisations, even though it is something that every woman will go through. A lot of women don’t realise what it is when they start getting symptoms, but can find proactive ways to help manage the changes in their lives and to improve their own health and wellbeing.

“Menopause is something that impacts upon everyone in the family – including partners – and it can affect people at work, but so many people are reluctant to talk about it. A better understanding of the symptoms – for example the impact of hot flushes – can help to overcome the embarrassment and the effect it has.

“It’s an issue also which affects the women we support through our service as they can often have a medically-induced menopause caused by treatment, and the talk will cover this too.”

The Specialist Women’s Cancer Support Service, which will celebrate its second year anniversary in February 2020, has supported more than 100 women living with and after the effects of cancer and its treatments in the last year.

“The service has grown significantly since we launched and a great deal of the referrals have come via word of mouth,” said Katherine.

“We are spreading the word about the service through talks like this one as well as raising awareness with GPs and healthcare professionals to ensure woman know they can self-refer to our service.

“If you are part of an organisation or group which would like to host a talk from one of our team, please get in touch.”

Doors open at 6.45pm and places can be booked via https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/living-well-with-the-menopause-tickets-74829784901 For further details, contact Jenni Fryer on 0121 378 6290.

For more information about the Specialist Woman’s Cancer Support Service and the care it provides, please call 0300 330 1297 or visit https://www.stgileshospice.com/specialist-womens-cancer-support-service