Bereavement support

Many people are unaware that our support can begin before your loved one has died, this is called pre-bereavement.  It can also start after your loved one has passed away. It doesn’t matter whether you or your loved one have used our services before, we can still help.

We understand that there is no timescale for grief and that everyone’s experience is different. That is why we tailor our support to meet your needs whether they are emotional, physical, financial or social, whether you are young, old, an individual or a family group.

In our communities, we have set up Bereavement Help Points to help support people who are grieving, irrespective of how long ago they were bereaved and the circumstances of the death. We believe that enabling our communities to understand bereavement is essential and we provide training for schools, employers and a wide range of other organisations.

“I come here because it’s safe. I can talk about anything and people understand.

Bereavement Help Point visitor