How your support helps

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By playing our raffle, you are helping to care for local people and their families, living with a potentially terminal illness.

It costs more than £9 million to provide care every year and we believe that there are another 1,000 people locally who could benefit from our specialist care, if funds were available.

We couldn’t provide our services to people in your local community without the support of people like you.
Thank you so much.

Dave’s story

“Coming to St Giles felt like a sanctuary for me.”

For Dave O’Shea, who has been living with a cancer diagnosis since he was just 28, St Giles has been a massive support for him and his family.

Eight years on Dave, who lives with his wife Pam and their three daughters, has been told the cancer has spread and is inoperable, although hopefully it can continue to be controlled by treatment.

For Dave, the support of a St Giles specialist community nurse and attending the Day Hospice in Whittington and the Supportive Care Centre in Sutton Coldfield, has been a great help.

“Coming to St Giles has been brilliant and it’s really felt like a sanctuary for me”, he said.

“I feel really relaxed and normal here. Sometimes I feel different to everyone else because I feel like the ‘patient’, but that doesn’t happen at St Giles.

“I’m a lot calmer, particularly with the support of the team at St Giles, and it helps me feel more independent, because I am doing something on my own.

“It’s been really tough for all of us and it’s been a really difficult journey but these are the cards I’ve been dealt.

“It’s good to know that St Giles is here for now and the future for both me and my family.”

By playing the St Giles Hospice Raffle, you are helping us to be there for people like Dave, and his family, when they need us.

Dave has died since supporting the Christmas Raffle. We’d like to thank his family for giving permission to publish his story in his words and for their continued support of St Giles. Our thoughts are with them.

Your support matters. Thank you.