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By playing the St Giles lottery today you can help us care for local people, and their families, living with a terminal illness.

Every ticket sold helps us continue to care for patients like Jo’s husband Gary. Read their story.

There are 155 prizes every week and for just £1, you have a chance to win a weekly jackpot of £1,000 and up to £20,000 in our rollover!

Please play our lottery today and help us continue to be there for our patients and their families when they need us. Thank you.

3 great reasons to play


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By playing our lottery you are helping to care for local people like Jo and Gary.


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Up to £20,000 rollover prize

£1,000 weekly jackpot

155 prizes every week


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Special discounts on offer with your Promise Card*

*Promise Cards are only issued to regular weekly lottery players. One-off ticket purchases do not qualify for a Promise Card.

Please gamble responsibly.

Your support matters. Thank you.