Who we are

We support and care for local people whose illness may not be curable, whenever and wherever they need it most.

We help more than 7,000 people a year facing the challenge of a potentially incurable illness and provide bereavement support to more than 2,000 people every year.

Our dedicated team provides physical, practical and emotional support free of charge at our hospice centres in Lichfield and Sutton Coldfield, as well as in patients’ own homes.

We do more than you might think

You might think a hospice is a place to go to die but we’re so much more than that. Our hospice care is all about living – in fact 80 per cent of our individually-tailored care is delivered out in the community.

We’re passionate about the uniqueness and importance of each and every life. We know that people can continue to live a fulfilling life, despite the challenges of an illness that may not be curable. We also understand that family and friends desperately need our support too so we’re here for them for as long as we’re needed.

Our pledge to you

We believe our patients should:

  • Have symptoms well managed
  • Be able to talk openly if they wish about their future and concerns for those close to them
  • Have access to advice and support round the clock
  • Be respected as the unique individual they are
  • Be in control of the choices they make

Improving standards in palliative care

The way society cares for people who are dying is not good enough.

St Giles was founded in 1983 to improve the care of those dying with cancer and, over time, we’ve responded to the needs of others whose illnesses may not be curable such as motor neurone disease, heart failure and respiratory disease.

Our range of services and activities – whether delivered at one of our sites, in partnership with other community organisations or at home – all aim to help people feel part of their communities and to live the best life they can.

We work in partnership with a wide-range of like-minded organisations to provide supportive care groups and services, community engagement activities and education.

Our pioneering work and expertise benefits hospice patients both across the UK and internationally. Education has always been a key part of St Giles and we train our own teams as well as those who want to learn from us.

When we work together, we learn more, we inform more and our communities benefit more.”

– Community Engagement Manager