Media Centre

For all media enquiries, please contact the PR & Communications team:

Telephone: 01543 434558

Please do not leave a voicemail as your message may not get picked up in time. If you do phone to submit a media enquiry, you will be asked to email your enquiry over to the communications inbox following the phone call.


It is essential that the PR & communications team is the media’s first point of contact with St Giles Hospice. By managing all enquiries from journalists, the PR & communications team:

  • protect the rights of our patients, volunteers and staff to privacy
  • maintains the Hospice’s reputation, giving our communities confidence in our service quality
  • promotes the fantastic achievements of our volunteers and staff
  • enables the Hospice the right to reply to any negative press
  • supports volunteers and staff with media enquiries relating to them or their department

Media Enquiries

We support a wide range of media requests, including:

  • official statements and interview opportunities
  • identifying relevant case studies
  • overseeing any filming relating to the Hospice

Journalists should note that the Hospice will never divulge any information about a patient without first receiving permission from the patient concerned and/or their family.

Permission for filming and interviews

Under no circumstances are the media permitted to conduct interviews or film within the grounds of our hospice sites, including our shops, without first attaining permission from the hospice’s PR & communications team.

Reporters must also be accompanied by a member of the St Giles team at all times.

Anyone conducting interviews, filming or taking photographs at any of our sites, including our shops, without prior consent from the PR & communications team will be asked to leave immediately.

Patient care is our top priority and we have a duty to protect the privacy and confidentiality of all of our patients, visitors, volunteers and staff. Therefore, before any photographs or videos of our patients, visitors or St Giles Hospice workforce can be taken, they must first complete a media consent form provided by the PR & communications team.

Press releases

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